Journeys up My Kenya

The Mountain

Mt Kenya - located in central Kenya, this mountain is the highest in Kenya, and second highest in Africa. It is on the equator, and the source of the country’s name.

17,057 ft high, it is an important source of water for the country. It became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997, and is a protected National Park.

Mt Kenya has three Peaks; Batian, Nelion and Pt. Lenana. The latter is the least difficult ascent and the most popular.

The Team

The crew taking you up the mountain consists of Alex and a wonderful team of porters who have a huge amount of experience on the mountain, maintaining enthusiasm and encouragement with every climb.

Alex has ascended the mountain numerous times and as such is well aquainted with the best routes and spots along the way, as well as the flora and fauna you will encounter on your trek. He has a relaxed and humorous approach, combined with a deep understanding of and close rapport with his team.


Both routes, Chogoria and Timau, will take you on variations through dense rain forest, on the lower slopes of the mountain, followed by a narrow bamboo belt. You then traverse the vast moorlands, past undulating grassy valleys and deep rocky gorges, through prehistoric vegetation, followed by the alpine zone, a world of rock and ice.

The Pt. Lenana ascent is early; as dawn breaks over Africa, one can see the nearby peaks of Nelion and Batian glinting in the morning sun. In the far distance, if clear, is possible to see summit of Kilimanjaro 150kms away...


The hikes involve a combination of accommodation; camping and park bandas. Both are very comfortable and the staff are careful to ensure that every need is catered for. All tents and equIpment are carried up by the porters.

The campsites themselves are some of the most impressive in Kenya; by lakes and gorges, mountain streams and glacial moraines.

A chef accompanies the crew up the mountain; all meals are created by him and are delicious; especially designed for maximum energy and restoration where necessary!

Flora and Fauna

As there is such a variation of topography along the routes, guests can expect to see a wide range of birdlife and plants, as well as terrains. Larger animals are seen on the lower slopes, though some, such as hyrax, can still be found higher up, where it is too cold for other mammals.

The rare Tacazze Sunbird, as well as Augor Buzzards, lammergeiers and Verreaux Eagles, who hunt hyrax, are amongst some of the birdlife. There are also plants that have especially adapted to mountain conditions, such as the giant Lobelia, which are truly fascinating.


A good sleeping bag (at least 3 seasons)
Sleeping Mat
Silk or cotton lining
Thermal underwear
Layers of light, breathable clothing
Rain jacket and trousers 
Fleece/down jacket
Warm headwear
Shock-absorbing socks
Good walking shoes or boots (broken/ worn in)
Spare pair of light shoes/trainers for evening. 
1.5 litre capacity water bottle
15+ sunscreen + lip salve
Torch and head torch


In order to reach Mt Kenya, guests can either drive or fly from Nairobi on schedule or charter to Nanyuki.

From there they are collected in our vehicle and driven to the starting points of their routes, and after their descent, collected and driven back to Nanyuki or their next destination. Please do inquire for further information for transfers from other camps in Laikipia, which we can arrange.

We recommend you spend a night at the beginning and at the end of your Mountain trek at OL Pejeta Bush Camp.


For more information, or to make a booking, please contact us on:

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