Suggested Packing List and General Info

Clothing requirements: The temperature range on the Mountain is +20C to -10C. So from warm to very cold. The UV at altitude on the Equator is some of the highest on earth. You will need to bring: 4 season sleeping bag with cotton or silk liner; Karrimat/Thermarest; down jacket, gloves, woolly hat; thermal inners; a waterproof /windproof jacket; a fleece/jumper; 2 shirts; 2 trousers; shorts; 3/4 pairs socks (ie 1 dry change of clothes and the other for walking); shoes/trainers, and walking boots. Boots should be worn in before coming and be comfortable. Sunhat; high factor suncream and lipsalve; good sunglasses/glacier glasses. Each person should have a 2-3 litre water bottle(s), if a camelback you need insulation on the mouth tube. A small towel; toiletries, and mini pillow if required. A head torch and spare batteries. A day pack for your own water, fleece, raincoat, camera etc. A soft holdall bag for the rest of your gear, packed in bin liners to weatherproof dry gear – your gear bag shouldn’t weigh more than 14 KG. A few extra nibbles, and a basic first aid kit (eg. plasters, aspirins, tampons, hand wash etc.)

Safety: Our clients’ well-being and safety are our paramount concern; we use 2 excellent local guides, experienced local porters, and carry a GPS, Wilderness First Aid Kits with Diamox, mobile phone and VHF radios linked into the local security network. Safety equipment is of the highest quality at international approved standards and regularly serviced and checked.

ALL CLIENTS must have comprehensive travel insurance cover, including medical evacuation and trip cancellation.